FlexCell Grid Control for ActiveX

  1. Speed up resizing rows and columns.
  2. Some minor modifications.
  1. Add QRCode cell type.
  2. Some minor modifications.
  1. Modified FrozenBottomRows property.
  2. Added ClearBlankArea property.
  1. Removed a bug related to IME.
  1. Removed a bug of ExportToExcel method.
  1. Added Grid.SetEventParameter method.
  1. Enable mouse wheel in ComboBox control.
  2. Added PageSetup.Copies property.
  3. Improved ExportToExcel method and LoadFromXML method.
  4. Improved PasteData method, enabled it to paste formatted Excel data.
  5. Added AllowUserPaste property.
  6. Removed a bug that related to paper size.
  7. Added support for 32-bit VBA.
  8. Improved Grid.ExportToHTML method, enable it export cell format.
  9. Added Range.Sort method and Selection.Sort method.
  10. Removed a bug of Grid.ExportToExcel method.
  11. Added interleaved 2 of 5 barcode type.
  12. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.SelectWholeCell property.
  2. Removed a bug of ActiveCell.Row property.
  3. Changed GUID.
  1. Added Grid.SortIndicatorStyle property and Grid.SortIndicatorColor property.
  2. Added Cell.Comment property.
  3. Added Grid.BackColorComment, Grid.ForeColorComment property, Grid.CommentIndicatorColor property and Grid.CommentWindowWidth property.
  4. Added Grid.EditorVisible property.
  5. Added PageSetup.HeaderLineStyle, PageSetup.FooterLineStyle property and PageSetup.PaperBin property.
  6. Added Grid_PrintButtonClick and Grid_PercentComplete event.
  7. Improved Grid.ExportToExcel method, enable it export pictures.
  8. Added BarCode cell type, it supports Code39, Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, EAN128 and EAN13.
  9. Added Grid.DisplayBarcodeText property and Grid.StretchBarcode property.
  10. Added Cell.BarcodeType property, Column.BarcodeType property, Range.BarcodeType property and Selection.BarcodeType property.
  11. Added new celltype: Time, DateTime, added Grid.TimeFormat property.
  12. Added new FixedRowColStyle: VisualStyles.
  13. Added Grid.DisplayDateTimeMask property.
  14. Added Chart.HideSmallPercentage property.
  15. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.FirstDayOfWeek property.
  2. Added Chart.DisplayAxesLabels property and Chart.HideDecimalAxisLabel property.
  3. Renamed Grid.GridLiness to Grid.HideGridLines.
  4. Improved support for custom paper size.
  5. Changed the design of the Calendar control.
  1. Added SelChange event.
  2. Added a new database demo.
  3. Changed the reorder-column indicator.
  4. Allow users to edit cell text when SelectionMode set to ByRow/ByCol.
  5. Added PageSetup.MirrorMargins property.
  6. Added a new feature, allow users to select multiple cells, rows or columns with Shift-Click.
  7. Added PageSetup.PrintCellBorders property.
  8. Improved selected cell's background color treatment method. Translucent color can be used to get more smooth vision effect.
  9. Added Grid.FrozenBottomRows property, Demo7 is an example.
  10. Improved Grid.ExportToExcel method (related to Office 2010 file validation).
  11. Added Grid.MoveRow method.
  12. Added a TreeGrid sample project.
  13. Improved the appearance of the grid (PrintPreview toolbar, UserSortIndicator and GridColor).
  14. Improved Grid.ExportToXML method and Grid.LoadFromXML method, allow them to export/import system color.
  15. Added Chart.SetSeriesName property.
  1. Added Grid.OLEDragMode property and Grid.OLEDropMode property.
  2. Added OLECompleteDrag, OLEDragDrop, OLEDragOver, OLEGiveFeedback, OLESetData and OLEStartDrag events.
  3. Added ReportTitle.AlignTo property.
  4. Improved Grid.SaveFile, Grid.ExportToCSV, Grid.ExportToExcel, Grid.ExportToHTML, Grid.ExportToPDF and Grid.ExportToXML methods, if you attempt to save a file under a name that already exists, the grid control will prompt 'File already exists, do you want to overwrite it?'.
  5. Improved multi-language support, allow the Print Preview toolbar font to be set.
  6. Improved ReportTitle.Text property, allow it to contain segments separated by pipe characters (|).
  7. Modified Grid.Print and Grid.PrintPreview method, "&N", "&P", "&D" and "&T" can be used in fixed rows and title rows.
  8. Removed a bug related to LeaveRow/LeaveCell event and SP6 for Visual Basic 6.
  9. Removed Grid.HttpDownloadFile method.
  1. Added Grid.Charset property.
  2. Added Grid.ShowContextMenu property.
  3. Added Grid.DragDelay property.
  4. Added Grid.PrintPreviewEx method.
  5. Added Cell.FontName property, Cell.FontSize property, Cell.FontBold property, Cell.FontItalic property, Cell.FontUnderline property and Cell.FontStrikethrough property.
  6. Added Chart.LegendItemSpacing property.
  7. Added Chart.YMin property.
  8. Improved Grid.ExportToExcel method, allow it export long string (> 255 characters) to Excel.
  9. Improved Grid.ExportToExcel method, allow it export number format to Excel file.
  10. Improved Grid.SaveFile method, Grid.ExportToExcel method, Grid.ExportToCSV method, Grid.ExportToXML method, Grid.ExportToPDF method and Grid.ExportToHTML method, allow the Save As dialog box to generate a message box if the selected file already exists. The user must confirm whether to overwrite the file.
  11. Improved the ComboBox control.
  12. Improved the calendar control.
  13. Removed a bug related to Grid.BackColor1, Grid.BackColor2 and PageSetup.PrintTitleRows properties.
  14. Removed a bug of Selection.PasteData method.
  1. Added Grid.MouseWheelSpeed property.
  2. Added PageSeutp.FirstPageNumber property.
  3. Added support for Windows Vista.
  4. Speeded up the control's load process.
  5. Improved Grid.PrintPreview method, allow user to use the Up/Down/Left/Right/PageUp/PageDown keys to scroll through the document.
  6. Removed a bug of Grid.Selection.PasteData method.
  7. Some minor modifications.
  1. Accelerate Grid.Selection.CopyData method.
  2. Removed a bug of Grid.ExportToExcel method.
  3. Removed a bug of Grid.Selection.CopyData method.
  4. Some minor modifications.
  1. Improved Grid.ExportToExcel Method, enable it to export diagonal lines.
  2. Improved Grid.Images.Add method, allow it add image from web server.
  3. In the previous versions, if merged cell contains hyperlink, user needs to click on the cell's top left corner to open the link. Now the problem has been corrected.
  4. In the previous version, Grid.ExportToPDF method does not work properly on the computers in some European countries due to diversity of decimal point expression. The issue has been settled.
  5. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.ExportToPDF method.
  2. Some minor modifications.
  1. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.DisablePrintButton property.
  2. Added Grid.PageSetup.Zoom property.
  3. Solved the problems which occur when the Grid control is used under Windows 98 system.
  4. Some minor modifications.
  1. Released a new version that supports Delphi and C++ Builder.
  2. Renamed the member '3D' of AppearanceConstants enumeration to 'Fixed3D'.
  3. Improved Grid.ExportToXML method and Grid.LoadFromXML method, enable them to Import/Export large sized picture. Picture is stored in XML file by Base64 coding. In previous version, ExportToXML method can not export large sized picture, as VB6 limits the String length to not more than 64K.
  4. Improved the designer, added support for command line arguments.
  5. Removed a bug of PaperSizes.Refresh method.
  6. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.EnableVisualStyles property.
  2. Added PageSetup.PaperSizes property.
  3. Added PaperSize class and PaperSizes collection.
  4. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.OwnerDraw property, Grid.HScrollbarIsVisible property and Grid.VScrollbarIsVisible property.
  2. Added OwnerDrawCell event.
  3. Added Grid.ClosePrintPreviewWindow method and Grid.ExportToCSV method.
  4. Added Cell.Mask property, Range.Mask poroperty and Selection.Mask property.
  5. Accelerate Save/Open cel file containing image, and drawing image in cell.
  6. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.BoldFixedCell property.
  2. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added PageSetup.BlackAndWhite property.
  2. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.FrozenRows property and Grid.FrozenCols property.
  2. Added Grid.CellBorderColorFixed property, Grid.ExtendLastCol property and Grid.StartRowNumber property.
  3. Added Grid.ExportToXMLString method and Grid.LoadFromXMLString method.
  4. Added Images.AddPicture method.
  5. Improved ReportTitle.Text property, enabled it to realize multi-line text.
  6. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.MultiSelect property, Grid.DisplayErrorMessage property, Grid.LastErrorMessage property and Grid.ReportTitles property.
  2. Added Grid.AutoFitRowHeight method and Grid.HitTest method.
  3. Added PageSetup.PrinterName property.
  4. Added Cell.Left property, Cell.Top property, Cell.Width property and Cell.Height property.
  5. Added ReportTitle class and ReportTitles collection.
  6. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.HttpDownloadFile method, Grid.HttpLoadFromXML method and Grid.HttpOpenFile method.
  2. Added Grid.DisplayClientBorder property.
  3. Added Grid.ComboBox.AutoComplete property.
  4. Implemented IObjectSafety in the control.
  5. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Column.AutoFit method.
  2. Added HyperLinkClick event, ColWidthChange event and RowHeightChange event.
  3. Improved the display of Chart object.
  4. Improved the layout of PrintPreview window.
  5. Improved Copy/Paste function to enable it to replicate the row height and the column width.
  6. Improved the sort algorithm used by Column.Sort method, speed up sorting significantly.
  7. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.AllowUserReorderColumn property, BottomRow property, Grid.RightCol property, Grid.MouseRow property and Grid.MouseCol property.
  2. Added Chart.FirstRow property, Chart.FirstCol property, Chart.LastRow property and Chart.LastCol property.
  3. Added ComboBox.DropDown method, improve the input method of ComboBox control.
  4. Added Grid.PageSetup.PrintBottomTitleRows property to set print page's buttom title rows.
  5. Added Grid.Range.FirstRow property, Grid.Range.FirstCol property, Grid.Range.LastRow property and Grid.Range.LastCol property.
  6. Added SetCellText event.
  7. Added a linetype (dotted line) for cell border: cellDot.
  8. Added "Margins" button in PrintPreviw window, to allow user to adjust margins by draging.
  9. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.Cell.Printable property, Grid.Cell.Tag property and Grid.Cell.CellType property.
  2. Added ComboDropDown event, BeforeUserSort event and AfterUserSort event.
  3. Added Grid.DateFormat property, Grid.DefaultRowHeight property, Grid.EnterKeyMoveTo property, Grid.SelStart property and Grid.SelLength property.
  4. Improved multilanguage support, please refer to Mutilanguage Support in the help document.
  5. Improved memory management, reduce the memory occupied by the program and boost the running speed.
  6. Improved the file storage format, reduce the disk space occupied by the file. This is a quite big change, the program is not compatible with the files saved by the previous versions. However, you can open the old version file usign the designer by selecting file type "FlexCell Document (3.0)" in the OpenFile dialog box.
  7. Removed the limit of 65,535 rows/65,535 columns in previous versions. the Grid now supports a maximum 10,000,000 rows and 10,000,000 columns.
  8. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Grid.CellBorderColor property, Grid.FileName property, Grid.FixedRows property, Grid.FixedCols property and Grid.ShowResizeTips property.
  2. Added Grid.ExportToXML method, Grid.LoadFromXML method and Grid.AllowUserSort property.
  3. Added Scroll event.
  4. Added Grid.PageSetup.ThinBorderLineWidth property and Grid.PageSetup.ThickBorderLineWidth property.
  5. Added Grid.ComboBox.Font property and Grid.ComboBox.Locked property.
  6. Added Grid.Column.Sort method and Grid.Column.UserSortIndicator property.
  7. Added Grid.Cell.Refresh method.
  8. Added diagonal for Cell.Border property, including DiagonalUP and DiagonalDown.
  9. Added support to MouseWheel for PrintPreview window.
  10. Modified Grid.Rows property and Grid.Cols property.
  11. Improved Grid.Cell.Font property, Grid.Cell.BackColor property and Grid.Cell.WrapText property to enable them to apply to the fixed row and the fixed column.
  12. Improved Grid.PageSetup.Header properyt and Grid.PageSetup.Footer property to enable the line feed character(vbCrLf) to insert into them, so as to realize multi-line header and multi-line footer.
  13. Added functions of entering edit mode by pressing F2 key, and quitting edit mode to resume cell text by pressing Esc key.
  14. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Chart.XAxisLabelAngle property.
  2. Added ComboBox.ItemData property and ComboBox.NewIndex property.
  3. Added Column.FormatString property.
  4. Added PageSetup.DocumentName property.
  5. Added Grid.BackColorSel property and Grid.BackColorFixedSel property.
  6. Added the following properties for Cell object: BooleanValue/DoubleValue/IntegerValue/LongValue/SingleValue.
  7. Added GetCellText event.
  8. Added pagebreak function (PageBreak Object, HPageBreaks Collection and VPageBreaks Collection).
  9. Some minor modifications.
  1. Shareware version released.