FlexCell Grid Control for .NET 3.0

  1. Added Column.Name property.
  2. Added Row.Tag property.
  1. Added Column.Tag property.
  2. Added ComboBox.ToolStripDropDown property, Demo1 is an example.
  1. Added Linear Gradient fixed cell style.
  2. Added Grid.ScrollBarStyle property and Grid.BackColorScrollBar property.
  1. Changed the encoding of flx file to Unicode.
  2. Some minor modifications.
  1. Solved the problem that the pictures can not be printed after installing Windows 10 update (KB5000802).
  1. Removed a bug of QRCode.
  1. Added CorrectionLevel property (for QRCode).
  1. Added QRCode cell type.
  2. Added Grid.QRCodeModuleSize property.
  3. Added ClearBlankArea property.
  4. Modified FrozenBottomRows property.
  5. Enable mouse wheel in ComboBox control.
  6. Removed a bug related to IME.
  7. Removed a bug of FrozenBottomRows property.
  8. Removed a bug of ExportToExcel method.
  9. Removed a bug of PasteData method.
  10. Improved Grid.PrintPreview method.
  11. Improved Range.DeleteByRow method, allow users to remove rows in a bound grid.
  12. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added AllowUserPaste property.
  2. Improved the Calendar control (accepts short date).
  3. Added ComboBox.Sorted property.
  4. Added Chart.DisplayCategoryName property.
  5. Added Column.DataPropertyName property, allow users to drag and drop columns in bound mode.
  6. Added ShowPageSetupDialog(ActiveTab) method.
  7. Added Cell.DisplayText property.
  8. Added Range.Sort method and Selection.Sort method.
  9. Improved performance of Print & PrintPreview methods.
  10. Improved PasteData method, enabled it to paste formatted Excel data.
  11. Improved Grid.ExportToHTML method, enable it export cell format.
  12. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added interleaved 2 of 5 barcode type.
  2. Added Grid.TimeFormat property.
  3. Added Selection.SelectedObject property.
  4. Added Chart.YMin property and Chart.DisplayAxesLabels property.
  5. Added Grid.SortIndicatorStyle property and Grid.SortIndicatorColor property.
  6. Added Grid.ExportToStream method and Grid.LoadFromStream method.
  7. Added Cell.Orientation property.
  8. Added Grid.EditorVisible property.
  9. Added PageSetup.HeaderLineStyle property and PageSetup.FooterLineStyle property.
  10. Added Cell.Comment property, Grid.BackColorComment property, Grid.ForeColorComment property, Grid.CommentIndicatorColor property and Grid.CommentWindowWidth property.
  11. Improved Grid.ExportToExcel method, enable it export pictures.
  12. Improved the TreeGrid demo.
  13. Added support for 64-bit Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.
  14. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added new celltype: BarCode, Time, DateTime.
  2. Added Grid.DisplayBarcodeText property and Grid.StretchBarcode property.
  3. Added Cell.BarcodeType property, Column.BarcodeType property, Range.BarcodeType property and Selection.BarcodeType property.
  4. Added Grid.DisplayDateTimeMask property.
  5. Added Grid.HScrollbarVisible property and Grid.VScrollbarVisible property.
  6. Added Grid.FrozenBottomRows property.
  7. Added Chart.HideSmallPercentage property.
  8. Added PageSetup.MirrorMargins property.
  9. Added PageSetup.PrintCellBorders property.
  10. Added SelChange event.
  11. Some minor modifications.
  1. Added Range.CopyData method, Range.CutData method and Range.PasteData method.
  2. Added Cell.PasteData method.
  3. Added ReportTitle.AlignTo property.
  4. Added DataError event.
  5. Added a TreeGrid sample project.
  6. Improved ReportTitle.Text property, allow it to contain segments separated by pipe characters (|).
  7. Improved Grid.ExportToExcel method.
  8. Removed a bug of Grid.ExportToHTML method.
  9. Some minor modifications.
  1. Released a new version that supports Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, which can be used in both Visual Studio 2005 and, 2008. The user who purchased FlexCell for . NET 2.0 can upgrade for free.
  2. Visual styles can be applied on the cell in the Fixed Column and Fixed Row, using in Vista can generate remarkable look.
  3. Improved selected cell's background color treatment method. Translucent color can be used to get more smooth vision effect.
  4. Improved OpenFile method and LoadFromXML method. Papersize is not set when open file, instead set when print or print preview, so as to speed up the file open/load process.